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Bigger benefits from BVL’s self-propelled mixer wagon

There are some very obvious benefits to using a BVL self-propelled mixer wagon ….but there are also a couple of advantages that are slightly less apparent. Yes, there’s the fact that the BVL V-MIX Drive Maximus Giant 2S does the job of three machines –  meaning you don’t need a tractor AND a mixer wagon

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New ROC designed to increase productivity

Improving efficiency, increasing outputs and reducing costs – it’s a trifecta of targets every farmer or contractor strives to reach. The RT series of continuous mergers from ROC uses its innovative raking system to do all three, as well as protect fragile crops from damage during the harvest process. New Zealand’s distributor of the Italian-manufactured

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Dispelling the myth; do more layers create better wrap?

The baling wrap market is a highly competitive environment, with manufacturers and suppliers consistently claiming their product has advantages over every other, whether it be through the types of materials being used, or the number of layers their product consists of. However, just because a wrap manufacturer claims to have film consisting of a higher

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Webbline increases offering with MDE partnership

Webbline Agriculture Ltd has expanded its already extensive agriculture and farm machinery range by partnering with Northern Ireland’s MDE Engineering – a leading manufacturer of a range of innovative attachments.  Founded in 2013, MDE has developed into one of the most forward-thinking manufacturers in the industry, producing tree shears, silage forks, buckrakes and a range

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Bergmann offers wide range 

Recently delivered to a large contracting customer in mid-Canterbury, this Bergmann 510K Loader Wagon is the largest to come out of the German manufacturer. Bergmann is renowned for excellence, and the Shuttle 510K is a flagship machine and has a capacity of 51m3 which, under medium compression, increases to almost 92m3. The 510K has a

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Avoid the false economy of aftermarket parts

When purchasing farming or agriculture equipment, maintenance and repair are something that need to be factored into the whole-of-life costs of a machine. With the nature of the work they’re doing, it’s unavoidable; gear breaks or needs maintenance to keep it running. It’s just the nature of the game we’re in. Webbline knows this, so

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Webbline extends reach

A new branch in Feilding and an extension to our Gore facility will ensure Webbline customers are even better serviced with a supply of products, spare parts and industry knowledge. The Feilding branch, which is being built on Kawakawa Rd, is a purpose-built facility which will have an office, sales yard and workshop, and will

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What should you consider when purchasing a mixer wagon?

Mixer wagons can improve cow health, feed utilization and reduce costs, but they are not always the perfect fit for every farm. In this blog we look at the advantages, disadvantages and considerations of adding a mixer wagon to your dairy farm operation. Pros: Improve cow health: When your cows are healthy, so is your

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SIP Star 1250 50T swather rake

The latest design SIP Star 1250 50T Swather Rake is a four rotor model in SIP’s high-capacity range of harvesting solutions for larger farmers and agricultural contractors. This rake has an adjustable working width from 9.90 – 12.5m and is designed for durability and efficiency to deliver an even and clean central swath. This makes

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