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A telehandler, also known as a telescopic handler or a telehandler forklift, is a versatile lifting and handling machine commonly used in construction, agriculture, and other industries. It combines the features of a forklift and a telescopic boom to provide extended reach and lifting capabilities.

Key features of a telehandler include:

  1. Telescopic Boom: The telehandler’s primary feature is a telescopic boom that can extend or retract, allowing the machine to reach varying heights and distances. The boom consists of multiple sections that slide into one another, providing flexibility in lifting and reaching tasks.
  2. Fork Attachment: Telehandlers typically come equipped with a fork attachment at the end of the telescopic boom. These forks resemble those of a forklift and are used for lifting and transporting palletized loads, such as bags of feed, bales of hay, or other materials.
  3. Lifting Capacity: Telehandlers are designed to handle heavy loads. The lifting capacity can vary depending on the model and configuration but generally ranges from 2.5 tons to over 23 tons pounds. The lifting capacity is influenced by factors such as the reach, boom extension, and load weight distribution.
  4. Reach and Height: Telehandlers offer significant reach and height capabilities. The telescopic boom can extend to various lengths, typically ranging from 6 to 18 meters or more. The lift height refers to the maximum height the telehandler can reach with a load.
  5. Four-Wheel Drive and Steering: Most telehandlers come with four-wheel drive for enhanced manoeuvrability and traction in various terrains. They often have multiple steering modes, such as front-wheel, crab, or circle steering, allowing the machine to navigate tight spaces and manoeuvre around obstacles.
  6. Operator Cab: Telehandlers are equipped with an enclosed operator cab for comfort and safety. The cab provides protection from weather elements and features controls and instrumentation to operate the machine. Visibility is typically optimized with large windows and mirrors.
  7. Attachment Compatibility: Telehandlers can be fitted with various attachments beyond forks, such as buckets, grabs, jibs, or platforms, depending on the specific tasks and requirements. These attachments allow for additional functionalities, expanding the versatility of the telehandler.

Telehandlers are widely used in construction sites for lifting and placing materials, as well as in agriculture for tasks such as loading feed, stacking bales, or transporting equipment. Their combination of reach, lifting capacity, and manoeuvrability makes them valuable machines for handling a variety of loads and performing a range of tasks in diverse industries.


Webbline have a range of telehandlers available so there is sure to be something to suit your operation. Both agricultural and construction telehandlers are on offer.

Dieci are a major current player in the global telehandler market, based in Emilia Montecchio Italy an area renowned for its excellence in engineering, Dieci built the first telehandler manufactured in Europe in 1983 and now have the most extensive and advanced range of models – exporting 70-80% of production worldwide.
At the Dieci state of the art manufacturing plant, great emphasis is placed on quality, safety and reliability – from research and development, right through to production and testing. The Dieci R & D department places great emphasis on commonality on parts and components between models and will only use premium components from respected manufacturers with worldwide support networks and representation. The Dieci production facility engineers all steel components on site with laser and plasma cutting abilities of up to 40mm plate.
This is done to ensure absolute quality on every machine that Dieci produces. Quality is further assured through stringent checks and balances throughout the manufacturing and assembly process, with exhaustive testing carried out to ensure each machine thoroughly meets all safety and functionality requirements.

Models Available


  • Mini Agri – 2.5 ton, 6m lift
  • Agri Farmer – 3.0 ton, 7m lift
  • Agri Star – 3.5-4.0 ton, 6-10m lift
  • Agri Plus – 4.0-4.2 ton, 7-9m lift
  • Agri Max – 5-7.5 ton, 8-10m lift
  • Agri Pivot – 2.5-4.0 ton, 4-6m lift


  • Apollo – 2.0-2.6 ton lift, 4-6m reach
  • Dedalus – 2.8-3.2 ton lift, 6-9m reach
  • Icarus – 4.0-5.5 ton lift, 14-18m reach
  • Samson – 5.0-7.5 ton lift, 8-10m reach
  • Zeus – 3.3-4.0 ton lift, 8-11m reach
  • Hercules – 10-23 ton lift, 10m reach
  • Pegasus – 3.8-6.0 ton lift, 16-30m reach
  • Pivot – 1.8-4.1 ton lift, 4.0-5.7m reach

Also available are a dumper and concrete mixer.

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