ROC Mergers

ROC Mergers

The ROC series of continuous mergers have a revolutionary pick-up system that not only creates greater efficiencies, but also protects crops from damage during harvest.

ROC mergers have a vertical pick-up which lifts the crop onto a conveyor before being deposited out either side of the machine whereas rotary swathers ‘drag’ the crop horizontally along the ground to the swath.

This, combined with ROC’s innovative tine design, results in a significantly-reduced level of foreign material included in the crop which, not only vastly improves the quality of the forage, but also greatly reduces wear and tear on foragers and balers.

The ROC range extends from the narrowest model, the RT 380, which can be mounted on the front or rear of a tractor, right through to the RT 1220 with a working width of more than 12m. It’s anticipated though, that the 10m RT 1000 and 11.5m RT 1150 will attract the most interest in New Zealand.

Because of the widths of their pick-up, the RT 1000 and RT 1150 can create a wide row during each pass, but can then deposit the crop from the second pass right alongside the existing row, effectively building one large row, which allows the harvester to make fewer passes in every paddock.

The speed of the pick-up, and the speed and direction of the conveyor can also be varied to suit a range of different conditions. Both the RT 1000 and RT 1150 models have three-stage conveyors, which can be adjusted to run in either direction to suit conditions and terrain. The conveyors can also be changed to have two sections running in one direction and a single section running in the opposite direction, allowing the deposit of the crop to be split out each side of the machine.

Each side section of the merger runs on a set of four modulating tandem wheels that can be adjusted to sit the height of the cut. The design of the merger also allows it to contour in the extremely challenging and undulating terrain often faced in New Zealand conditions due to hard-wearing, solid wheels on adjustable, modulating bogies under each section.

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