Umbilical Effluent Systems

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Mastek Umbilical Effluent Systems come with either dribble bars or splash plates.

The Mastek dribble bars come with a 9m working width dribble bar. They are designed to allow the precise application of slurry to grassland and crops with minimum disturbance. Specifically designed for use with umbilical drag hose systems that optimise hose layout and enable precise distribution. Designed to work with or without the quick release reel.

All Mastek dribble bars are built with a heavy duty galvanised frame and fitted with a single Mastek Supercut macerator. The unique fold and lifting hinge on the dribble bars enables the dribble bar to be level while in working position, but when folded into transport position the are retracted and lifted away from the ground.

Mastek Twin or Single Splash Plates spreader bars can work up to a width of 9.75m. The Twin Splash Plate arms are hydraulically adjustable which ensures there will be no strips of untreated pasture during the spreading process. The Umbilical high output system for spreading large volumes of effluent in a short space of time in an environmentally friendly way;

Large reduction in artificial fertilizer requirement
Eliminate effluent separating equipment
Minimise laneway damage from tankers
Minimise pasture & paddock damage
High flow rate for fast effluent discharge
Low cost per m3 spread
Modular design with ability to quickly extend the system
Increasingly popular for farmers doing their own effluent spreading or for contractors servicing their client’s requirements. Once upon a time, all effluent was spread in the few paddocks around the cowshed, then as storage ponds increased in size and volume the need to spread the effluent further afield has increased. To date, tankers have largely filled that role, however, due to the massive volume that usually needs to be moved, this method is time-consuming and costs. Mastek Umbilical Effluent systems offer a safe, environmentally friendly and efficient way to dispose of your liquid gold. Clients are comfortably shifting 200-300 cubic meters of slurry per hour, which is considerably higher than what you can achieve even with the largest slurry tanker.

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