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SIP Star Swather rakes are amongst the world’s best. Star Swather rakes form light and airy grabs. Fast drying and easy storage for the highest quality feed is guaranteed. Advanced technology, easy handling and agility are important to achieve high quality work results. Perfect ground contour following regardless of the working speed or the steep terrain. Greater responsiveness on the steep and uneven terrain thanks to the shifted mounting points of the walking tandems towards forward. Yet the wheels remain close to the spring tines providing maximum rotor stability even at higher speeds and steep terrain.

The Twin Rotor Star model ranges are 650, 720, 850 & 1000. Up to 15 tine arms per rotor, for superior raking. Single rotor range are 300, 400 and 470. The SIP Twin Rotor hydraulic folding rakes have all the features to accomplish the best centre swath and lay the platform for a good bale to suit the serious farmers & contractors.

The new design four-rotor rake offers high-capacity harvesting solutions for big farmers and contractors. The hydro-pneumatic suspension of rotors set on the triple SIP patented walking tandem axles provides perfect contour following even at high speeds. Continuously hydraulically adjustable working width and adjustable camtrack allow optimal swaths formation.

Hydro-pneumatic suspension and continuously adjustable hydraulic swath width control allow the width to be adjusted even when working.

The rotors are freely movable independently of the chassis arms. This also allows 3D tracking over uneven terrain. The height of the rotors is hydraulically adjustable. The tines always stay parallel to the ground, ensuring that raking remains clean at any speed.

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