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Webbline offers a wide range of SIP hay mowers. These hay mowers are heavy duty,  are built to last, and come well recommended by farmers and contractors alike.

SIP have incorporated more than six decades worth of experience and knowledge into their machines. By choosing SIP, you are rewarded with a robust, simple-to use solution, which has been tried and tested and will stand up to the robust and demanding working conditions experienced in New Zealand.

The Silvercut is a modern professional hay mower, designed for the
larger farmer or contractor. The cutter bar, in combination with
the continuous hydraulic relief, ensures excellent adaptation to
terrain. The robust main support frame of the machine ensures high
rigidity and optimum power transfer from the tractor to the cutter bar. The Silvercut model range covers the rear mount 300, 340 and 380; and the front mount models 300 and 340. A new release for the range is the
300 Trailing Mower Conditioner. The Silvercut Triple’s model ranges
are 800, 900 & 1000 with or without conditioner. Like all SIP mowers, the cutter bar has the following features:

  • Double raced bearing on the
    cutter bar shafts
  • Hardox bottom skids for longer life
  • Mowing discs are constructed from high quality steel
  • Quick change blades
  • Direct drive onto the cutter bar, no inside skid

SIP Disc Alp mowers are a lightweight side-disc mower with a fully welded cutter bar. They are simple to operate, whether hitching on and off or mowing. The double-spring suspension means the mower follows the ground contour much better than with a single spring, as the inner spring supports the heel of the cutter bar while the outer spring supports the other end.

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