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At Webbline, we offer a wide range of Loader Attachments for your telehandler or tractor. The range of loader attachments includes but is not limited to: Goweil double bale fork, Goweil DTR bale transporter, Goweil film storage holder, Goweil round bale clamp, Goweil square bale clamp, Balemaster clamp, and Webbline telehandler buckets.

The double bale transport spike has been engineered for transporting two unwrapped round or square bales (max. bale diameter 1.60 m). The tine guard ensures that the TDD is also suitable for road transport.

The design of the double transport frame allows for mounting two BTGME or BTGHA round bale transport forks to the transport frame with a few easy steps. While installed stationary on one side, the bale transport fork is mounted on a transport cart on the other side, which can be moved up and down hydraulically. The machine is able to simultaneously transport two round bales with a diameter of up to 1.60 m.

The GFM film storage has been specially designed for the transport of 16 rolls of film or 14 rolls of film and two rolls or netting / wide film.

The RBG makes it a snap to load and stack round bales of any type (silage, hay, straw) with diameters ranging from 1.10 to 1.60 m. Thanks to its round design, the grabber is capable of holding the bale securely and handling it in a gentle manner. Since the pressure on the bale is distributed evenly, the film cannot be overstretched or become damaged. Another crucial characteristic is the unit’s short and slender design which keeps the centre of gravity close to the loader.
The RBG 140 version of the bale grabber is available for the transport of smaller bales (diameters of 0.80 – 1.30 m).

While specially designed for transporting and stacking square bales up to 2.10 m, the square bale grabber is, of course, also an excellent choice for the transport of round bales with a diameter of up to 2.00 m. The special shape of its rounded and largely dimensioned gripper arms ensures that all bales are clamped gently and without any damage.

The Webbline Telehandler buckets have a variety of hitches available for tractors and Telehandlers. The distinguishing feature of the “Grapple Bucket” is the rugged and robust construction. Grapple buckets are a multipurpose tool that can be used for unloading silage, maize and can pick up round & square bales, as well as all types of bulk material.

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