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Here at Webbline Agriculture, we offer a wide range of crop binding materials, including baling twine, net wrap, and net replacement film.

There are three different types of baling twine:

Cotesi One:

This highly innovative product responds to the needs of new generations of Big Balers since most of the heavy twines are inadequate to cope with the increased demands of strength. The development of this product results from global knowhow in polymer and extrusion technology, completed with extensive in house testing facilities as well as field tests. With Cotesi One, professionals are now able to take full advantage of the superior performance of their balers.

Cotesi Goldsoft:

This twine is the combination of strength and softness to provide a stronger knot under all conditions. Some balers are quite sensitive to twine softness. Goldsofts properties result in lower friction thus allowing a higher bailing speed. The best compromise between knot resistance and profitability per bale.

Cotesi Uni:

A new generation of twines comes up: UNI by Cotesi brings you more 47% length per spool. Cotesi picked the knot strength of a 110 Type twine and add the length of a 150 Type, converging 3 references (110, 130 and 150) into a Unique product.

There are also three different types of Netwrap:

Cotesi Maxicover Netwrap:

This product is the result of Cotesi research and arises from the combination of advanced polymer technology with a highly developed production process, yielding higher benefits and features such as stronger chains and higher tenacity.

Cotesi Silage Netwrap:

Cotesi is always in a constant process of innovation and presenting new approaches to each market. Primarily designed for customers running baler/wrapper combinations in which users can bale and wrap at the same time. Cotesi has developed a Non-UV Netwrap for silage purposes only. This give cost savings for the end user as the product does not need to be UV resistant. This netwrap sole purpose is to be used on bales that are wrapped with stretch film within 48 hours.

Webbline Premium Netwrap:

The baling season can be trying, unpredictable and weather dependant, so you want to make sure that when the time comes, the net you are using steps up to the mark, giving you top quality coverage at all times. Look no further than our Webbline Netwrap providing full coverage and suitable for all balers, used for silage and straw.

Using plastic film instead of net to hold a bale together is the latest significant development in the production of baled silage. Mima Net Replacement Film works on all combination baler/wrapper units like the McHale Fusion 3 plus, Goweil and Krone.

You’ll be sure to find crop binding materials to suit your needs at Webbline.

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