Mimarap Net Replacement Film

Mimarap Net Replacement Film

Using plastic film instead of net to hold a bale together is the latest significant development in the production of baled silage. Mima NRF works on all combination baler/wrapper units like the McHale Fusion 3 plus, Goweil and Krone.

Mima Films have combined a mix of resins with their manufacturing expertise to develop Mima NRF. Mima NRF has been used in Ireland, the U.K., France, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden and New Zealand. Whole crop barley, alfalfa, lucerne, maize and grass have all been baled successfully with Mima NRF.

More importantly for our climate a wide range of grass has been baled, from leafy and wet to stalky and dry. Mima NRF is a different product to Mima bale wrapping film. It is not as elastic as it is required to tightly hold the bale together. In fact, Mima NRF holds bales tighter than net thus reducing air ingress after the bale is released from the baler. This improves silage quality.

Mima NRF is stretched onto the bale. Its elasticity and strength properties hold the bale together. This is vital to ensure correct wrapping. The film also helps to seal in the goodness of the forage and keep out air. This leads to improved feed quality, better storage and increased animal production.

Silage quality: Mima NRF adds extra film to the barrel of the bale (20microns). The Oxygen barrier is improved. Silage stores better. This leads to better quality silage, improved animal production and increased farm profits.
Reduces mould: Mould reduces silage quality. The extra film on the barrel of the bale reduces vermin and handler damage. As a result, quality is improved. Milk, beef or lamb production increases per bale leading to more profitable farming.
Labour saving: No need to separate net and film when opening bales. This reduces feeding time, makes waste disposal easier and reduces costs.
Strongest NRF: 20 Microns thick compared with 16-17 microns. Results in more film on the bale, better formed bales and reduced chance of splitting or holes.
Mima NRF has special elasticity and strength properties thathold the bale together tighter.The film is run through a special winding process. As a result of this process a memory is formed in the film once stretched, this creates a firm rubber band compression effect on the bale. This is vital to ensure correct wrapping and best quality bales.
Recommend stretch up to 20%, Some brands recommend only 15% stretch consequently reducing the number of bales achieved per roll and the tightness of the bale.

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