Bale Wrap

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With a wide range of bale wrap options available, Webbline Agriculture can offer the best and most appropriate product for your operation.

High puncture and tear resistance, superior tack structure, improved UV stability for New Zealand conditions and overall strength provide an airtight bale with reduced tails in a wide range of challenging weather conditions.

Supplied by the world’s most respected manufacturers, bale wrap products from Webbline Agriculture come with a guarantee of durability and performance and are some of the toughest films on the market.

The range of products includes:

  • Webbline Bale Wrap – a 25 micron wrap with high puncture and tear resistance;
  • Webbline F1 Bale Wrap – an innovative product designed to offer significant costs savings;
  • Mimawrap Bale Wrapping Film – one of the toughest films on the market that gives a better seal and better quality silage;
  • Mimawrap Contractor Series – 1800m long with a thickness of 22 microns which achieves approximate 20% more bales than a standard 1500m roll.
  • Farm Film Bale Wrap – a quality five-layer 25 micron film used by many contractors and farmers throughout New Zealand.

Whether you’re a farmer wrapping limited bales for your farming operation, or an agricultural contractor specialising in balking and wrapping for a large customer base, the range of bale wrap options Webbline Agriculture can provide will be sure to meet your needs.

If it’s a high quality product you’re after, backed by fantastic service, Webbline can fulfil your requirements.

With four strategic locations throughout the country – Waikato, Manawatu, Canterbury and Southland – Webbline has a 24/7 delivery service straight to your yard.

In the event you run out of wrap, Webbline also offers a personal service, where we can deliver your film on one of our fleet of trailers.

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