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Goweil is a world-leader in baling technology, and the fixed chamber G1 F125 5050 round baler wrapper combination sets a new standard for both contractors and large scale farmers.

Combining baling and wrapping into one operation enables contractors and farmers to work more effectively and efficiently, saving time and money.

The G1 5050 outclasses all other fixed chamber balers, and should also appeal to operators of variable chamber balers as well. It combines the steps of baling and wrapping in one high-quality machine, which provides for the immediate exclusion of air, resulting in unsurpassed feed quality.

The quality of the bale is important to farmers, which means it’s important to contractors too, and the Goweil G1 5050 round baler produces a really high quality bale which is tight, neat and has great shape and density.

It incorporates a number of industry-leading features that make the Goweil G1 5050 round baler combination the best choice for your contracting operation.



The high throughput and impact force of this baler-wrapper combination cuts down on the amount of time needed in the field. Capable of handling speeds up to 40 km/h, the Kombi also allows the operator to rapidly cover long distances.


The baler-wrapper combination reduces the cost of personnel and machinery to a minimum.

Superior Quality

Round bales are wrapped in a perfectly clean manner and within an extraordinarily short period of time. The rapid exclusion of air creates the best possible conditions for the fermentation of the feed, allowing for its perfect preservation and exceptional quality.


The G1 F125 round baler wrapper Kombi is a machine designed for decidedly professional applications and, as such, is the ideal choice for large businesses and contract harvesters. Whether you need to use it for bales of silage, hay or straw – you can convert the machine at the push of a button!

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