Goweil G1 F125 Round Baler

Goweil G1 F125 Round Baler

The latest round baler from Goweil – The G-1 F125 – is designed to offer contractors and large scale farmers the highest quality machine possible.

With many components having been redesigned from the ground up, the end result is an innovative fixed chamber baler that should appeal to operators of variable chamber balers as well.

From the six-row pendulum pick-up, which delivers maximum conveyance capacity and superior ground adaptation, to the six-star rotor, that is designed to efficiently cut swaths of feed and deliver them into the bale chamber, the new G-1 F125 is both robust and durable, and designed to delver outstanding performance time after time.

The bale chamber uses 18 reinforced solid forming rollers to ensure supreme compression density and reliable rotation of the bale while a starter roller situated directly behind the rotor provides for the best possible bale start, allowing for a tightly compressed and dense bale to be created.

The round baler is equipped standard with a net binding unit. As an option, the machine can also be purchased with a film binding unit. In addition, a dual binding unit is available for film and net.

Goweil has made this baler generation available with ISOBUS as the standard option. The interface of this control is clearly arranged and easy to use and shows more information on the display. While Goweil makes them available with the company’s own ISOBUS terminal, the machines are, of course, compatible with all other ISOBUS-capable terminals.

The drive system built into the baler of the latest generation has been given another major boost in performance by larger-sized chains. This extends the lifetime of the machine considerably and reduces the operation costs to a minimum.

Available as additional equipment, the drive axle is of tremendous benefit especially during work in steep slope positions. It provides a powerful, yet soil-preserving push uphill, while supporting the braking action during downhill travel, allowing the driver to fully concentrate on the work.

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