Goweil G1 Round Baler & Combination

Goweil G1 Round Baler & Combination

Goweil round balers lead the market here in New Zealand for their consistently perfect bale shape, easy bale transportation and heavy duty construction. Always going for a better bale, these balers are always finding new ways to improve, give both farmers and contractors a better experience and make that better bale.

The pendulum pick-up is suspended centrally and has a swing range of 150mm, providing clean pick-up of the base feed with its superior adaption to ground contours.

Doing without a cam track, the pendulum pickup offers a DIN rake width of 2.20m and large conveying screws on the sides that guarantee an optimum flow of material to the rotor. Equipped with tines spaced 51 mm apart across six rows, the pickup delivers first-rate raking performance even when handling extremely wide swaths.

The six-star rotor offers enormous capacity and guarantees optimum feed pick-up under all types of harvest conditions.

Due to its large 570mm diameter and the welded-on rows of HARDOX tines, the rotor cuts swaths of feed cleanly and convey them reliably into the bale chamber, whether they are large and dry or contain feed that is short and still wet. Installed in front of the rotor is a mechanically powered infeed roller. Pre-compressing the material with outstanding efficiency, the roller increases the throughput significantly. The newly developed starter roller housed in the bale chamber provides for optimum bale rotation and a reliable start.


The rotational direction of the rotor built into the G-1 F125 is upward. This movement channels the material from the rotor through the cutting unit and into the bale chamber.



The AFC (Auto Flow Control) monitors the entire flow of material and automatically cuts in as soon as there’s a clog at the rotor or pickup.

In both cases, an overload safeguard trips, before the clogs are quickly cleared, allowing work to continue without hindrance or hold-up.

The bale chamber uses 18 solid forming rollers, which are 4mm thick and reinforced on the inside. Their ribbed profile ensures supreme compression density and effective rotation of the bale.

Two drive rollers with a shaft diameter of 65 mm and the additional roller shafts with a diameter of 60 mm run continuously on double-row pendulum roller bearings and provide for excellent stability and durability.


Situated directly behind the rotor, the starter roller provides for the best possible bale rotation and a reliable bale start. A cleaning roller feeds any material that has dropped down back into the bale chamber.


The tailgate opens and closes with the help of two hydraulic cylinders. Depending on the program setting, the process will be completed automatically or manually.

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