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Webbline offers a wide range of feedout equipment, including feed mixer wagons, silage block cutters, shear grabs, and bale slicers.

The distinctive feature of BvL’s V-MIX mixer wagons is their compact design – whether they are slim or narrow or equipped with one, two or three mixing augers. These trailed feed mixer wagons are equipped to mix tremendous amounts of feed thanks to their remarkable volume utilization and deliver the feed in the tightest of spaces. Each of these BvL feed mixer wagons is tailored to the individual requirements of the farmer / their operation.

Whether you require a silage block cutter or shear grabs – BvL’s exhaustive selection of feedout equipment is sure to offer every farm the solution that is ideal for their feed / silage removal needs. The main advantage of these devices: They require next to no maintenance and are extremely powerful. The equipment affords the farmer long-terms savings in workings hours and costs.

The BvL V-LOAD Cutter Megastar block cutter impresses with its extremely robust and reliable construction. Its special feature: the patented double-blade cutting system with split front knives! The transversal cutting unit is made of fully hardened special steel and is equipped with two counter-acting knives – for a particularly smooth and powerful cut. The cutting bar is virtually maintenance-free and is also suitable for demanding tasks.

  • unloading capacity: 1,65 – 2,95 m³
  • front and rear installation
  • preservation of storage density and feed quality
  • avoidance of reheating

The Goweil Round Bale Slicer was designed specifically for the purpose of cutting and transporting bales of silage, hay and straw. This round bale cutter makes it a cinch to split bales up and distribute them as fodder. Apart from ensuring a reliable and strong cut, the serrated knife guarantees that the bale will be cut all the way through.

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