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Here at Webbline we are proud to offer NC Pond Stirrers & Mixers as part of our effluent spreading options. NC Engineering is a diversified manufacturing firm producing a wide range of machinery for the agricultural and construction industries. Since 1975 they have been committed to quality products at affordable prices, winning numerous awards for design and innovation through our policy of continuous research and development.

NC Engineering are based in Northern Ireland, and have won numerous awards for innovative design and technology. NC Engineering manufacture many different types of pond stirrers & mixers, and Webbline mainly import the following:

Lagoon Pumps:

The Lagoon Pump is designed to operate in very deep pits. With power requirements of 155hp + this pump is ideal for large farmer and contractors alike.

Features include:

25` long pump suitable for steep sided deep lagoons.

Hydraulic controlled multi directional mixing nozzle, ideal for breaking up thick crust.

Can mix large lagoons from one location.

Can be used to fill or pump slurry with top fill attachment.

Wheels and towing kit also available.

Lagoon Mixers:
NC Lagoon Mixers come in 2 sizes – 20 ft (6.1 metres) and 25 ft (7.6 metres).  The body is fully galvanised and of robust construction.

Easy adjustment of inclination by double acting hydraulic cylinder.

Quick attach lift arm coupling.

650mm Impeller.

Rounded park stand to prevent damage to lagoon lining.

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