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New Zealand’s best selling individual bale wrappers. Check out our full range of round wrappers, square wrappers, tube wrappers.

Goweil Wrappers are the market leaders here in New Zealand due to their build quality, rugged design and guaranteed plastic savings while wrapping. With a range of both round bale, square bale and combination wrappers, there is no bale that cannot be wrapped with a Goweil Wrapper. Check out the reasons below why Goweil Wrappers are the best in NZ.

Webbline Tubewrappers have been manufactured here in New Zealand since the early 1990’s and have earned a reputation for strength and reliability with some machines having wrapped in excess of 400,000 bales.

The simplicity of control is an important factor when wrapping round or square bale silage. Both Goweil and Webbline wrappers have simple and easily laid out monitors, along with manual controls for one-off operations.

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