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Here at Webbline, we offer a range of effluent spreading options. These include: umbilical effluent systems, effluent pumps and compressors, muck spreaders, slurry tankers, and pond stirrers and mixers.

The Mastek dribble bars come with a 9m working width dribble bar. They are designed to allow the precise application of slurry to grassland and crops with minimum disturbance. Specifically designed for use with umbilical drag hose systems that optimise hose layout and enable precise distribution. Designed to work with or without the quick release reel. Mastek Twin or Single Splash Plates spreader bars can work up to a width of 9.75m. The Twin Splash Plate arms are hydraulically adjustable which ensures there will be no strips of untreated pasture during the spreading process. The Umbilical high output system for spreading large volumes of effluent in a short space of time in an environmentally friendly way.

Mastek pumps come in a variety of configurations including both PTO drive and self-propelled engine drive. Fitted with Bauer pumps the longevity and efficiency of these high output pumps will provide years of trouble-free pumping. These are capable of pumping up to 300 cubic metres of slurry per hour to a Mastek dribble bar.

Bergmann muck spreaders lead the way for contractors with extremely heavy-duty construction and precision spreading design. Bergmann muck spreaders are available in a range of sizes up to 24-tonne carrying capacity, 3 beaters spreading unit, scraper floor driven from both sides and steering axle available on some models. Central lubricating options are available. With Bergmann’s state-of-the-art muck spreader units, high quality materials such as compost, organic sludge, lime and all types of livestock manure can be effectively and efficiently spread in a precise manner over large areas with minimal environmental impact.

You’ll be sure to find an effluent spreading option to suit your needs at Webbline.

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