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At Webbline, we offer a wide range of trailers for a multitude of uses. Whether you are looking for a silage trailer, dump trailer, tip trailer, grain trailer, or low loader trailer, you will find what you are looking for here.

We stock two brands of silage trailers, Bergmann and Herron, of which the Bergmann is much bigger, at 35-65m3, compared to the Herron at 18 & 21 tonnes. We also offer the Webbline quick cover, which ensures the fast covering of your loads.

There are two types of Herron Dump trailers available, HDT and wide bottom. Herron HDT Industrial Dump Trailers with a load capacity from 20 to 25 tonnes is a heavy duty range tailored for the construction, recycling, earth moving and quarrying industries. The innovative H2 wide bottom model with a load capacity from 15 to 20 tonnes boasts a modern design, strength and durability. Extremely sturdy and exceptionally resilient during loading and unloading is the perfect choice for the most demanding customers.

Herron Engineering offer a range of Basic Dropside Tipping Trailers from 2.5 tonnes to 6.5 tonnes. These compact trailers have a strong and sturdy structure and can be fitted with a single tipping ram and LED lights.

The Herron H2 Grain Trailers are fitted with commercial axles, multi-stage single tipping ram for faster discharge, sprung drawbar, multi-leaf spring suspension, hydraulic slimline up & over grain door, extension boards, perspex front window, ladder and LED lights. The Bergmann Grain Transfer Trailer is the logistic link for grain transportation between the continuously moving harvester and the transport vehicles waiting at the edge of the field. During the time that the GTW receives the grain, transports and transfers it, the harvester continues to work without interruptions. This significantly increases harvest productivity.

Herron Low Loader Trailers, both Agricultural and Industrial, are built to a high specification in order to ensure the effortless and economical transport of plant, machinery and equipment. They are widely recognised for their strength and durability. Depending on the model, they range from 10 to 24 tonnes.

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