Silage Stack Covers

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A silage stack represents a large investment, and forage spoilage can result in significant financial losses, which is why high quality silage stack covers are so vital to your farming operation.

It is important that the chopped material is compacted into a stack or bunker, covered and sealed as rapidly as possible to ensure the best silage feed value. A stack that is airtight is one that will have minimal spoilage, which is where Webbline comes in, offering both Black/White SILOPROTECT silage stack covers and Oxygen Barrier SILOBOX covers to ensure maximum protection for your silage stack.

Black/White 2n1 underlay Combi covers provides the protection of two covers in one, with the addition of a thinner underlay that adheres closely to the contours of the stack and improves oxygen barrier properties.

As soon as your silage stack is compacted, it needs to be covered as quickly as possible to exclude as much air as possible to ensure the best quality silage.

Covers need to be tough and durable to ensure they are resistant to tearing, perforation and distortion to preserve the quality of the forage during ensiling.

The use of 100% virgin raw materials during construction of our range of silage stack covers means they are fully recyclable – reducing the impact on the environment –  and of food grade quality, which leads to much higher quality silage due to no recycled material in contact with your fodder.

Holes in the cover can be caused by birds and vermin, and will expose your silage to the air and cause spoilage, so inspect your stack regularly and mend any holes with silage tape.

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