SIP Silvercut Mowers & Conditioners


SIP Silvercut Mowers & Conditioners

The SIP Silvercut is a modern professional hay and silage mower, designed for the larger farmer or contractor. The mower cutter bar in combination with continuous hydraulic relief ensures excellent adaption to the terrain. Coupled with the outstanding features, the SIP Silvercut hay and silage mowers come with a 3-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Side disc mower with a centrally pivoted hydraulically suspended cutter bar. The robust main support frame of the machine ensures high rigidity and optimum power transfer to the mower cutter bar. SIP Silvercut Mower model ranges are 300, 340 and 380. Flail or roller conditioners are available of the 300 and 340 models.

The SIP front mounted mowers adapt perfectly to the terrain and allows even and fast mowing on larger surfaces and are distinguished by their continuous mechanical stress reduction, which enables them to adapt to the mowing terrain. The robust main support frame ensures high rigidity in connection to the machines weight and optimum power transfer from the tractor to the cutter bar. The newly released SIP S-Flow linkage for advanced ground contour following which is based on the innovative design of the mower mounting of the cutter bar. The response of the linkage system not only guides the cutter bar perfectly to the terrain and in combination with the hydropneumatic suspension ensures even ground pressure and a clean cut across the field. SIP Silvercut Front Mower model ranges are 300 and 340 and also available with finger or roller conditioners.

The SIP Silvercut Trailing Mower Conditioners offers exceptional ground contouring with the innovative S-Flow linkage which guides the cutter bar effortlessly over terrain but still applying even ground pressure to facilitate the cleanest of cut.


Model Disc 300 S Disc 300 S FC Disc 300 S RC Disc 340 S Disc 340 S FC Disc 380 S Disc 300 F Disc 300 F FC Disc 340 F Disc 340 F FC
Working Width 2.90m 2.90m 2.90m 3.25m 3.25m 3.67m 2.97m 2.97m 3.32m 3.32m
Number of Discs 7 7 7 8 8 9 7 7 8 8
Weight 790kg 1060kg 1160kg 850kg 1180kg 930kg 630kg 880kg 680kg 956kg
Required Power 61hp 80hp 80hp 72hp 90hp 82hp 61hp 80hp 70hp 90hp
Conditioner Type Finger Roller Finger Finger Finger
Mower Type Side Side Side Side Side Side Front Front Front Front

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