Bergmann Loader Wagons


Bergmann Loader Wagons

Bergmann loader wagons are truly leaders in the forage industry and will make your whole operation cost efficient and cost competitive in the forage industry. The Bergmann Company is a family run business that is now in its third generation of trading and has been manufacturing agriculture equipment since 1896 and now has market leading machinery from Muck spreaders, Jockey bins through to Loader wagons. Bergmann made their first loader wagon in 1954 so they have many years of experience in the field that you can put your confidence in.

The Bergmann Repex range of loader wagons ensures manoeuvrability for working in tighter confined spaces as well as wide open large paddocks. With 41 knives the Bergmann Repex is the leader in its class with a 35mm cut of the crop which ensures the highest quality silage & compacts better in the pit which in turn produces the premium feed for the stock. Sizes available from 30 – 35m3.

The Bergmann Carex provides customized system technology, developed by loader wagon specialists for professional farming operations and contractors. Bergmann loader wagons are equipped with exclusive equipment and a sensibly designed loading and cutting management system to meet the highest quality requirements. The Bergmann Carex will take your grass harvesting to the next level with this high capacity machine.

The fleet flagship, the Shuttle is for the serious contractor or those with larger farms wanting to maximise field harvesting performance and volume. The Shuttle is a true multi-wagon, with all the features to be also used as a silage bin trailer. Bergmann has recently reinvented their flagship Shuttle Loader Wagon. With a monster 2.27m pickup & rotor width of 2.05m, these machines have an enormous capacity with grass forage harvesting. The new machine has a moving front wall which enables a shorter machine with the same capacity.


Repex 30K Repex 32K Repex 33K Repex 35K Carex 390K Carex 430K Shuttle 470K Shuttle 510K
Cu Capacity (m3) 30 32 33 35 39 43 47 51
Length (m) 8.86 8.86 9.61 9.61 9.65 10.40 11.15 11.90
Height (m) 3.80 4.00 3.80 4.00 3.98 3.98 3.98 3.98
Weight (kg) 7400 7450 7650 7700 9470 9970 10470 12750
Max Payload (kg) 13600 13550 13350 13300 14530 14030 13530 21250
Cut Length (mm) 35 35 35 35 35 35 34 34
Number Knives 41 41 41 41 41 41 53 53
Pickup Width (mm) 1940 1940 1940 1940 2270 2270 2270 2270

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