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At Webbline we have three types of sheargrabs available. One from BvL, and two with our own branding, one being a shear grab and one a silage grab.

The use of BvL V-LOAD Sheargrabs is an excellent option if you, for instance, need to handle wet silage as the silage pressure generates a counter pressure during cutting. This technology preserves the storage density of the silage. The sophisticated shape of the cutting frame makes it possible to achieve clean cuts even on the toughest types of silage. The smooth and low-wear operation of our shear grabs guarantees a superior work experience while ensuring swift unloading with minimum trickle losses thanks to the closed cutting frame and the narrow spacing of the tines.

The Webbline XL shear grab significantly improves the work, allowing you to cut the pile without damaging the structure . The silage is not torn out, therefore no gaps are created. This, in turn, prevents accelerated rotting. The work of the cutter is much more efficient than the work of human hands! The cutter enables easy and comfortable transport of silage bales.

The teeth of the cutter are screwed on so that they can be replaced quickly . The cutter has two actuators for greater work efficiency. The teeth on the bottom of the cutter allow for additional support when cutting silage blocks.

The Webbline XL Silage Grab is equipment that has been designed for years of intensive work on the farm. We want to offer failure-free equipment that gives the user peace of mind and the feeling of using reliable tools, which is why we care about:

  • anti-corrosion protection,
  • anti-dust tips,
  • use of the best steel.

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