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A mixer wagon, also known as a feed mixer or TMR mixer, is a specialized piece of agricultural equipment used to blend various types of animal feeds and ingredients into a homogeneous mixture. It is widely used in livestock farming, particularly for dairy cows, beef cattle, and other animals that require a nutritionally balanced diet.

A mixer wagon typically consists of a large hopper or mixing chamber mounted on a chassis with wheels for easy transport. Inside the mixing chamber, there are mixing mechanisms such as augers that effectively blend the different feed components.

The main purpose of a mixer wagon is to achieve a consistent and uniform mixture of ingredients, including grains, forages, silages, hay, minerals, and supplements, to create a total mixed ration. This ensures that each animal receives the necessary nutrients in the right proportions, promoting optimal health, growth, and productivity.

Webbline offers a wide range of BvL Feed Mixer Wagons, in fact there are over 1000 different options!

The distinctive feature of BvL’s V-MIX mixer wagons is their compact design – whether they are slim or narrow or equipped with one, two or three mixing augers. These trailed feed mixer wagons are equipped to mix tremendous amounts of feed thanks to their remarkable volume utilization and deliver the feed in the tightest of spaces. Each of these BvL feed mixer wagons is tailored to the individual requirements of the farmer / their operation.

The mixer wagons of the V-MIX series are available in capacities between 3.5 m³ and 46 m³. All of BvL’s feed mixer wagons are customizable and can be equipped with individual discharge options or accessories. Benefit from our large selection that offers more than 1,000 custom options and learn more about these mixer wagons “Made in Germany”.

The mixer wagons included in the V-Mix series offer every farmer a host of different options when it comes to dispensing feed. Possible options include: EDS doors on both sides at the front or the rear or at the centre rear / at the rear right and left in the corner of the mixing hopper. Customers can also opt for a cross conveyor belt at the front or the back.
EDS, by the way, stands for exact-direct-fast. This patented system provides for an extremely consistent discharge – even without a conveyor belt.  The doors on the mixer wagon are arranged so that they are positioned asymmetrically to the centre of the hopper.
With the side doors on the right and left, the feed can be discharged simultaneously on both sides – with utmost speed and process reliability. Another advantage is that the feed is deposited on the side of the mixer wagon in a loose swathe that is not at risk of being run over. The patented rubber cover of the EDS doors minimize the risk of injury for both people and animals.

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