Oroflex Lay Flat Drag Hose

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  • Oroflext 10 -
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    Oroflex Lay Flat Drag Hose

    OROFLEX 10


    The OROFLEX 10 is black ribbed lay flat hose, ideal for water transfer and pumping in industries such as irrigation, mining, and construction.

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    Oroflex Lay Flat Drag Hose



    The Oroflex Drag hose is a versatile and durable solution for various agricultural applications such as liquid manure, irrigation feeding, and sludge injection.

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    Oroflex Lay Flat Drag Hose

    OROFLEX 20


    The OROFLEX 20 is designed for heavy-duty agricultural applications such as dewatering, slurry spreading, irrigation, high-pressure liquid pumping, and compressed air use.

The OROFLEX Series is a reliable and durable rubber lay flat hose designed for water transfer and pumping duties in various industries. With excellent resistance to ozone, chemicals, and abrasion, this hose is constructed from high-quality materials for long-lasting performance.

Specifically designed for water transfer and general pumping duties in irrigation, mining, construction, and more
Made from circularly woven 100% high tenacity synthetic yarn with synthetic nitrile rubber & PVC blend for durability
Resistant to ozone, chemicals, hydrocarbons, oils, and greases
Strong lining with ultimate tensile strength and ultimate elongation properties
Abrasion resistance of over 2000 cycles for extended lifetime
Available in standard lengths from 50 to 330 feet, with custom lengths up to 660 feet
Various coupling options (e.g. Camlock, Bauer, Perrot) available to suit your needs
Trust the OROFLEX Series for superior performance and reliability in your water transfer and pumping applications.

The OROFLEX Series of durable rubber lay flat hoses is resistant to chemicals, abrasion, ozone. Designed for water transfer in irrigation, mining, construction.

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