Goweil gear sets the standard in bale wrapper combination and bale handling equipment

Goweil’s G1 F125 5050 Kombi baler-wrapper has been in New Zealand for a couple of seasons already, but continues to impress contractors and farmers throughout the country with the quality of its bales.

Goweil G1 Kombi balers are notable for their bale quality. They produce bales that are tight, dense and well-formed. This means farmers end up with balage that is much better for feeding out.

Webbline’s Goweil product manager Scott Malcolm says the quality of the bale produced by the Goweil G1 has made them a stand-out for a number of years.

“The G1 F125 5050 is a fixed chamber baler-wrapper and it offers a number of innovations that should appeal to operators of both fixed chamber and variable chamber balers. It bales and wraps in way that immediately excludes air, resulting in unsurpassed feed quality.

“For us, for the operator and, most importantly, for the farmer, the focus is all about the quality of the bale, and this machine really sets itself apart.”

The latest generation of the distinctive blue machine has some notable upgrades over the previous version, while still retaining the features that have made it such a respected machine by farmers and contractors alike.

Standard equipment includes large 560/45-R22.5 Flotation Trac tyres and there is an option of 710/35-22.5 tyres, providing even weight distribution and reduced ground-loading.

ISOBUS is also standard, so the G1 F125 Kombi can be run with any ISOBUS terminal. Goweil can also supply a 4.3-inch touchscreen display or a larger 7-inch version. The interface with the Goweil system is easy-to-use and provides the operator a wide range of information.

With a focus on performance, longevity, lower maintenance costs and reduced downtime, the G1 F125 has a heavy-duty drive system with larger drive chains while, at the core of the feeding system is a new six-star rotor that delivers more capacity and volume. The rotor has a diameter of 570 mm and rows of Hardox tines welded into position, and cuts the feed cleanly before it’s processed into the bale chamber.

In front of the rotor is an infeed roller that pre-compresses the crop to increase throughput. The infeed roller automatically clears any blockage to get the machine back to work quickly.

An innovative starter roller in the bale chamber provides optimum bale rotation and a reliable start to bale formation.

The appearance of the new G-1 F125 is markedly different than the earlier version, and much of this change is due to improvements in functionality.

A hydraulically-folding film storage unit has space for 14 rolls of wrapping film and two rolls of wide film of netting and protects rolls against weather and damage.

The new Goweil G-1 F125 is available from Webbline Agriculture and is offered in two versions – a G-1F125 baler or a G-1F125 Kombi baler-wrapper combination. The G1 5050 wrapper can also be fitted to a Fendt 130F, 160V or 180V or Massey Ferguson RB 3130F baler.

Goweil Round Bale Clamp

Goweil’s Round Bale Grab (RBG) makes it a snap to load and stack round bales of silage, hay or straw with diameters of 1.1m-1.6m.

The RBG holds the bale securely and handles it gently by clamping three-quarters of the bale, not just the sides.

Pressure on the bale is distributed evenly so the film is stretched or damaged at high pressure points.

The RBG holds the bale is close to the pivot point on the loader, so the centre of gravity is close to the loader and minimises stress on the front axle of the tractor.

It is also very effective on square bales.

Goweil Bale Slicer

Cutting open and removing plastic and net from bales or tube-wrapping can be time-consuming and annoying. With a bale slicer one person can do the job without leaving the tractor cab.

Eight hooks on the slicer grab the film and net across the full width of the bale. They hold it as a powerful blade slices through the bale. This is especially effective when loading into feeder wagons or mixer wagons.

The hydraulics for the slicer are operated from the third service valve, with no extra valving required.

These Goweil loader attachments are proven in the field and are a great addition to any farm’s machinery line-up. For further information, call Scott Malcolm on 021 228 4590 or Webbline on 0800 932 254.

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