Dispelling the myth; do more layers create better wrap?

The baling wrap market is a highly competitive environment, with manufacturers and suppliers consistently claiming their product has advantages over every other, whether it be through the types of materials being used, or the number of layers their product consists of.

However, just because a wrap manufacturer claims to have film consisting of a higher number of layers does not mean it’s stronger or better quality. In fact, often the reverse is true with a quality three-layer film considerably better in both cases.

Seven-layer, or even five-layer films, allow for the use of recycled plastic in the manufacture of the product, which may seem environmentally sound, but isn’t always the case. Farm plastic recycling programmes, such as Plasback, often turn used film into a range of other products, which meets certain ethical sustainability targets.

Conversely, the market-leading three-layer Mimarap product distributed by Webbline, use all virgin materials, offering a better overall product with opacity equal to any seven-layer wrap, as well as being as strong, or even stronger, preventing holes and punctures which can lead to product spoilage.

“It’s a real-world demonstration of quality over quantity,” says Tim Currie, Webbline Agriculture’s product manager for consumable products. “Mimarap is one of the world’s best silage baling films and is right up there as one of the toughest on the market.”

“In addition, Mimarap has high tack qualities for a really consistent and effective seal against the elements, as well as having less neck down to give a better overlap.”

Having been used in New Zealand, and internationally, for more than 15 years Mimarap has been developed and proven to withstand harsh climactic conditions and offer a high temperature tolerance.

“We’re confident that Mimarap is ideally suited to New Zealand conditions,” Currie says. “In fact, we offer a 12-month guarantee against UV degradation.

“We want to ensure New Zealand contractors and farmers receive consistent and premium film in every roll they use, which is why we recommend using Mimarap.”

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