Bigger benefits from BVL’s self-propelled mixer wagon

There are some very obvious benefits to using a BVL self-propelled mixer wagon ….but there are also a couple of advantages that are slightly less apparent.

Yes, there’s the fact that the BVL V-MIX Drive Maximus Giant 2S does the job of three machines –  meaning you don’t need a tractor AND a mixer wagon AND a telehandler or loader. That’s obvious.

What’s not quite so apparent – but equally impressive – is the structure roller hiding under the shroud at the front end of the loading boom.

This BVL-patented 2m wide roller uses hard-wearing HARDOX toothed segments instead of knives, which protects the feed structure and quality of the forage as soon as it is removed, ensuring your herd gets the highest quality feed possible and that feed efficiency is improved.

The secret to the performance of the roller lies in the teeth which ‘comb’ the feed out of the silage stack without damaging the structure, maintaining the foundation for a balanced feed composition, therefore increasing milk yield.

“Livestock need structure in their feed to ensure the best results when it comes to milk production,” says Webbline Agriculture’s BVL product specialist Gerry Clare. “Because of the way the V-MIX Drive self-propelled mixer wagon removes the feed from the stack, that structure is protected early in the mixing cycle, allowing the quality of the feed to be protected.”

Webbline has recently brought a BVL V-MIX Drive Maximus Giant 2S into New Zealand and Clare says interest has been high, especially with the equipment efficiencies the machine brings.

“It’s not a mixer that will suit every farming operation, but it does offer significant efficiencies by reducing both gear and personnel, so there are some situations where it will be an ideal choice.”

The BVL V-MIX Drive Maximus Giant 2S is the largest in BVL’s V-MIX Drive range, with a volume of 21m3. The tub is robustly constructed around two mixing augers which have outwardly rising flights which ensure the feed is centred in the middle of the tub as it’s being mixed. The knives on the augers can be adjusted so they are optimally set for different feed types.

Discharge options are varied, with solutions for every situation, from side elevators to conveyors, with options for mounting on either side of the mixing tub.

The machine has plenty of power, with a 6.7-litre, six-cylinder FPT engine delivering 224hp (165kW), as well as having plenty of torque on call as well, which is idea for use when mixing or feeding.

The driver’s cab is spacious and has great vision, while the control unit mounted in the driver’s armrest is practical and simple to use.

Despite its size, the V-MIX Drive Maximus 2S is highly manoeuvrable, with a short wheelbase and four-wheel steering giving an outer turning circle of 6.5m, allowing access to tight feed pads and around feeding barns.

“BVL is continually innovating in the area of mixing and feeding equipment, and the V-MIX Drive range is just more proof of how they’re leading the market,” Clare says.

“While self-propelled mixer wagons are pretty widely-used in Europe, they’re fairly uncommon in this part of the world, but there’s a segment of the New Zealand market that would benefit from a machine of this type.

“I expect we’ll see an upsurge of interest once the concept becomes more widely accepted here.”

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