Year: 2018


How to achieve more consistent milk production

Consistent milk production is the holy grail of dairy farming. In the parts of the world that rely on grain and silage for feed, farmers can adopt a system of consistent calving throughout the year, but New Zealand’s pasture-based system does mean a more compact, seasonal calving pattern and therefore a seasonal peak and trough

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Wrapping your bales

The advantages of tube wrapping your bales

As a farm manager or owner, you’re responsible for optimising the production of your business, as well as setting operating goals and business plans. But, when working long hours and managing seasonal staff, setting and reaching goals can prove to be difficult. However, if the basics like reliable and machinery and tools are taken care

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Grass harvesting is so important it needs the best in gear

Spring growth is bursting forth on farms throughout the country. Making the most of that harvest will set up your feed supplies for next winter, which is why it is crucial to do it well. Outdated, inefficient machinery will rob you of productivity. If it’s time for an upgrade, you need to look to the

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Harvesting Operation

Why an SIP tedder is right for your harvesting operation

Old agricultural machinery may look cool and remind you of haymaking with Granddad but that doesn’t cut it when there’s serious work to be done. Breakdowns cost money, so if you’re worried about the reliability and efficiency of your old tedder, it’s time for an upgrade. Using a well-designed, modern tedder to turn your grass

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Benefits of using net replacement

Benefits of using net replacement film to wrap your bales

Net replacement film, where plastic film is used instead of net to hold a bale of silage together, is new to the New Zealand market but is already making inroads. That’s because this latest advance in agricultural machinery delivers higher quality silage in easier-to-handle bales, and increases feed protection. Combined, these advantages will make your

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Farming tips for a productive and profitable spring

Farming tips for a productive and profitable spring

Your pastures have come through the winter well and the lambs and calves are dropping… that means it’s time to get your farm equipment ready to ensure you run a productive and profitable farm this season. In this blog, we run you through our checklists of important farming tips that will help set you up for

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Why you should switch to an umbilical effluent system

Effluent – it’s liquid gold when applied to pasture but plain old pollution when it gets into waterways. The challenge on the farm is to maximise its potential to lift production and minimise its potential to pollute. On farms with big herd numbers there is also a lot of it to dispose of, which means

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Telehandlers v. tractors: What’s better for your farm

Telehandlers v. tractors: What better for your farm

Okay, so we know Granddad broke in the whole farm with just a Series I Land Rover and a Massey 135, but we also know times have changed. The humble tractor has been a jack-of-all-trades for Kiwi farmers since becoming available in the 1920s, and they still have a big role to play. Modern farming

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How telehandlers can make your farming operation safer

How telehandlers can make your farming operation safer

Who wouldn’t want their farm to be a safe place to work? Apart from any legal requirement to provide a safe working environment, there’s the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are doing everything you can to ensure you and your staff go home each day alive and well. That’s why it’s important

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Why your farming operation needs a telehandler

Why your farming operation needs a telehandler

Efficiency is a watchword for New Zealand farmers, so much so they are regarded among the most efficient in the world. You have to be when you’re this far from the markets you’re selling into. A “can-do” attitude and that famous “No. 8 wire” inventiveness go a long way, but Kiwi farmers have also been quick

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