Why your farming operation needs a telehandler

Why your farming operation needs a telehandler

Efficiency is a watchword for New Zealand farmers, so much so they are regarded among the most efficient in the world.

You have to be when you’re this far from the markets you’re selling into.

A “can-do” attitude and that famous “No. 8 wire” inventiveness go a long way, but Kiwi farmers have also been quick to adopt advanced technology once they can see the advantages. After all, using the right machinery for the job saves time and money, and it’s safer too.

This way of thinking has led many to add a telehandler to their farming operation. Here we explain a little about telehandlers and why your farm needs one.

telehandler on the farm

A telehandler is a four-wheeled vehicle with a telescopic boom capable of supporting a wide range of attachments.

These allow it to be a forklift, bucket grab, post-hole borer, sweeper bucket, straw blower – the list covers everything you could need on a farm. Changing attachments is safe and quick due to the simple hitch design.

This versatility is what sets a telehandler apart from other agricultural machinery options such as a tractor. They lift more, reach further and push harder than a tractor. They can quickly load a mixer wagon or feedout trailer, then tow it to where it is needed. With a bucket or bucket grab, they can move loads to and from places unreachable by a tractor-mounted loader, or even a wheeled or backhoe loader.

Telehandlers are also known for their reliability. The pivot design means the boom is supported by the whole vehicle. This not only gives telehandlers superior lift and reach capacity, it also minimises mechanical stress. That means fewer breakdowns, and money saved on vehicle maintenance.

The beauty of a telehandler is that given the right attachments, everything you do on the farm can be done with this degree of reliability and safety. Its versatility makes a telehandler the right machine for any job.

Add one to your farming operation and you will wonder how you managed without it.

Find out more about telehandlers and how they can benefit your farm 

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