Benefits of using net replacement film to wrap your bales

Benefits of using net replacement

Net replacement film, where plastic film is used instead of net to hold a bale of silage together, is new to the New Zealand market but is already making inroads.

That’s because this latest advance in agricultural machinery delivers higher quality silage in easier-to-handle bales, and increases feed protection. Combined, these advantages will make your silage production process more efficient.

Why use film?

Net replacement film, also known as barrel wrap, is less elastic than regular net wrap. This means that the bale is held more tightly. The wrapping process also means there are often more than eight layers of plastic around the bale, making it difficult for air to penetrate. This improves silage quality and storage life.

The film-on-film technology reduces the size of a bale by up to 5cm. This may not sound like much, but reducing the bale diameter from 128cm to 123cm increases the bale density by over 8 per cent. Less oxygen inside the bale increases feed quality. Denser bales are also easier to handle as your attachments can grab them more easily.

Another advantage is that there’s no need to separate net and film when opening bales. This reduces feeding time, makes waste disposal easier and reduces costs.


Whole crop barley, alfalfa, lucerne, maize and grass – from leafy and wet to stemmy and dry – have all been baled successfully with net replacement film. The film can also be used for special applications such as wrapping shredded plastic or domestic waste.

Selecting replacement film

It’s important to use net replacement film of the correct width and thickness for your baler. Using film of the wrong size and/or not setting up your baler correctly for film can cause problems. Talk to your agricultural machinery supplier about the best set-up for your baler.

So if you want higher quality silage in easier-to-handle bales, as well as increased feed protection, consider switching to net replacement film. This latest advance in agricultural technology will make your silage production more efficient.

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