Grass harvesting is so important it needs the best in gear


Spring growth is bursting forth on farms throughout the country. Making the most of that harvest will set up your feed supplies for next winter, which is why it is crucial to do it well.

Outdated, inefficient machinery will rob you of productivity. If it’s time for an upgrade, you need to look to the best – SIP mowers, tedders and rakes, and Goweil balers and wrappers.

Mowing: SIP Hay Mowers

SIP mowers are designed to do two things: quickly and efficiently cut grass, and to quickly get back on the job when it’s time to change blades or when a stray rock or other obstacle causes a breakage. Their full-width cutter bar reduces the chances of blocking, especially when turning. Some models also have hydropneumatic suspension, ensuring the cutter bar follows the ground contour in all conditions. Blunted blades can quickly be changed in the field, and if the collision safety system doesn’t allow the mower to avoid a stray rock in the paddock, its shear-pin system will prevent further damage. This system also allows the pins to be changed quickly and easily.

Tedding: SIP Tedders

SIP tedders are built tough to keep working. High-strength tine arms and a five-coil design reduce breakages, while the small-diameter rotors and different shank lengths mean improved crop flow, resulting in higher working rates and an improved spread pattern. 

Raking: SIP Swather rakes

SIP rakes are designed for maximum flexibility to deliver the optimum swath shape whatever the conditions. The multi-way pivot and patented Walking Tandem Axle design ensure the rake hugs the contours, even when the going gets steep. Detachable arms and parts make access easy for maintenance and repairs.

Baling: Goweil Balers & Bale Wrappers

Goweil’s range of bale wrappers has a model to suit all size of operation, beginning with entry-level. The G5020 is the fastest, easiest and most popular round bale wrapper in New Zealand. All models share heavy-duty construction, and design innovations such as triple-roller plastic pretensioners, which have been proven to save up to $1 per bale on plastic wrap. Goweil bale wrappers are simple to operate, and safer on hills due to a low centre of gravity.

Before the hectic harvest season kicks off, take time to evaluate whether your machinery is going to be up to the task. If it is time for an upgrade, check out what Webbline has to offer from its range of SIP mowers, tedders and rakes, and Goweil balers and wrappers.