Wilson Bale Trailers

In the modern farming environment, the use of specialised equipment in the drive for efficiency is becoming more common place.

During a busy grass harvest season, handling and moving bales can be time-consuming as well as labour and machine intensive, making any efficiencies gained potentially highly valuable.

Finally, a manufacturer has delivered a trailer that is capable of transporting both wrapped and unwrapped bales, saving up to 60% in time, labour and transport costs.  

Wilson Bale Trailers provide a revolutionary answer to reducing labour, decreasing machine use and improving speed and effectiveness.

Unlike standard bale handling solutions, which require a loader at each end, a truck or trailer and towing vehicle, a Wilson Bale Trailer only needs a towing tractor and a loader to move the bales once they have been dropped off. This significantly  reduces machine and labour costs.

The innovative loading cradle also significantly reduces damage to the bale wrap during handling and, as the load doesn’t require lashing down, meaning the trailers can be driven into a paddock, loaded, driven out and unloaded without the operator ever leaving the cab of the tractor.

Wilson Bale Trailers are built on a strong durable frame with the majority fitted with air brakes, LED lighting and work lights, and wide tyres to reduce damage to the pasture.

Currently in New Zealand, we have a Super Move 10 (five bales each side) and a Monster Move 12 (six bales each side), capable of moving up to 650 bales and 750 bales each day respectively.

For more details on the Wilson Bale Trailer range, give us a call on 0800 932 254.