What can a mixer wagon do for me?

What can a mixer wagon do for me? We hear this common question from farmers questioning the usefulness of utilising a mixer wagon. Here in this blog, we will discuss the advantages and benefits of operating a mixer agon in your operation.

  1. Efficient Feed Mixing: One of the primary functions of a mixer wagon is to blend different feed ingredients into a consistent and well-mixed ration. The mixer wagon’s rotating augers or paddles effectively combine forages, grains, concentrates, and supplements, ensuring thorough mixing and uniform distribution. This results in a homogenous Total Mixed Ration (TMR) that promotes optimal nutrient utilisation and animal health.
  2. Customised Ration Formulation: A mixer wagon allows you to create customised rations tailored to the specific needs of your animals. You have control over the type and proportion of ingredients, enabling you to formulate rations that meet the nutritional requirements of different animal groups or production stages. This flexibility is particularly beneficial through transitional feeding around calving and drying off your herd.
  3. Time and Labor Savings: Feeding animals manually can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive task. With a mixer wagon, you can streamline the feeding process and save valuable time and labour. This allows you to allocate your labour resources more efficiently and focus on other essential farm tasks.
  4. Improved Feed Efficiency: Properly mixed and balanced rations result in enhanced feed efficiency. A mixer wagon ensures that all animals receive a consistent and complete ration, minimising selective feeding and reducing feed waste. By optimising feed efficiency, you can make the most of your feed resources, minimise costs, and maximise animal performance.
  5. Enhanced Animal Health and Performance: A well-balanced diet is crucial for animal health and productivity. A mixer wagon enables you to create nutritionally balanced rations that meet the specific requirements of your animals. Consistent and precise feeding promotes optimal rumen function, nutrient absorption, and overall animal well-being. This, in turn, leads to improved milk production, weight gain, reproduction rates, and overall herd performance.
  6. Feed Flexibility: Mixer wagons offer versatility in terms of the feed ingredients they can handle. They can process and mix various components, including forages, grains, silages, hay, and supplements. This allows you to adapt your feeding program to seasonal availability, nutritional needs, and specific animal requirements. The ability to incorporate a wide range of feed options provides flexibility and cost-efficiency.
  7. Reduction in Feed Contamination: Contaminated feed can have detrimental effects on animal health. A mixer wagon helps minimise feed contamination by providing a controlled environment for feed mixing. By combining and processing the ingredients within the wagon, you can reduce the risk of external contaminants such as dirt, molds, and pathogens. This ensures the delivery of clean and high-quality feed to your animals.
  8. Better Feed Management and Record Keeping: Mixer wagons often come equipped with digital control systems that allow for accurate feed measurement and recording. These systems provide real-time information on feed usage, allowing you to track and manage your feed inventory more efficiently. Additionally, you can generate detailed reports on feed consumption, enabling better decision-making and improved farm management.

If you have decided you would like to pursue the option of adding a mixer wagon to your operation, check out the details on BvL Mixer Wagons here.

You can also see what BvL Mixer Wagon could suit your farm with the BvL Mixer Wagon Calculator Here


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