SIP Tedders

SIP Tedders

If you’re worried about the reliability and efficiency of your old tedder, it’s time for an upgrade.

Using a well-designed, modern tedder to turn your grass will reduce drying time, increase dry matter and produce the highest quality feed possible for your customers or stock. SIP tedders are market leaders for their perfect crop spread, robust design and build, and hassle-free use.

SIP tedders are designed to give excellent longevity and perfect crop spreading. Small rotor widths allow the tedders to grab smaller bites of grass with each pass, which gives the excellent result of all the crop turned and spread with minimal lumps of grass. This equipment is robust and capable of handling the demanding working conditions we have in New Zealand.

SIP tedders can be the perfect addition to your farm. To find out more about the benefits of an SIP tedder, click here:

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