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Crop Packaging


Webbline offers a wide range of silage covers, including standard black/white covers, 2in1 combi covers and oxygen barrier covers.

Its standard black/white silage covers are manufactured in France by the Barbier Group. Made from 100 percent virgin resins, they are exceptional quality and give contractors and farmers a stronger, more flexible silage cover.

Webbline sales and marketing manager Carl Malcolm says many black/white covers available in New Zealand contain a percentage of recycled raw materials, which results in lower puncture resistance and a rigid silage cover.

“Our 2in1 combi covers are also made from 100 percent virgin resins. These covers are a black/white silage cover with a vacuum underlay folded onto the same roll,” Carl says.

“The under layer of film follows the contours of the silage stack creating a vacuum effect that eliminates air pockets and reduces surface mould.”


Carl says the term ‘oxygen barrier’ has been loosely used with regards to 2in1 combi covers.

“While some people are happy with the improved silage quality they get from combi films, they can get a genuine oxygen barrier silage film with our Silobox product.”

The Barbier Group makes Silobox oxygen barrier covers. They have a thickness of 130 microns and high puncture resistance.

For ease of use, Silobox covers can be applied like a standard black/white silage cover, but they are 50 times more airtight.

Silobox is applied in a one-step process, which supersedes the separate silage film plus underlay seal film. It is easy to unwind, thanks to the way it is folded, and it is also easy to uncover the stack feed-out.

Standard silage covers have an oxygen transfer rate about 250 cm3/m2/day. 2in1 Combi covers have an oxygen transfer rate about 190 cm3/m2/day. Silobox oxygen transfer rate of just 5 cm3/m2/day.

A silage stack is a large investment and forage spoilage can result in significant financial losses. An airtight stack is a stack with minimal spoilage.

“Silobox oxygen barrier film is the toughest genuine oxygen barrier cover on the market and it can help you protect your investment,” Carl says.

Another benefit is that Silobox film is consistent across its entire surface. There is no welding which could lead to leaks.

It is made from food grade plastic and is 100 percent recyclable. It is made using less oil-based raw materials because of its optimised thickness.

Silobox has a high level of UV protection so it is ideal for New Zealand conditions.

Mima Films

Mima Films has manufacturing centres in Ireland and Belgium and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of stretch films.

Its Mimarap triple-layer film is one of the toughest films on the market. Mimarap is made with 100 percent virgin plastic, so it wraps wider on the bale and provides a better seal.

Contractors and farmers in New Zealand have been using Mimarap for more than 15 years. It is guaranteed to withstand the harshest climates and has a 12 month guarantee against UV degradation.

Now available is Contractor Series Mimarap, which comes in an 1800m roll. Contractor Series Mimarap is 22 microns thick and has excellent puncture resistance, whilst giving about 20 percent more bales than a standard 1500m roll.

Mima Films also produces a net replacement film (NRF) to secure the bale in place of netwrap.

Because it is not as elastic as bale wrap, Mima NRF tightly secures the bale. With the extra plastic on the barrel, the bale retains its ideal shape, the oxygen barrier is improved and ultimately feed quality is better and animal production is higher.

Some NRF films can only be stretched 15 percent, but Mima NRF can be stretched up to 20 percent. This means more bales per roll and tighter bales.

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