Advantages of a Bale Slicer

A Goweil bale slicer can offer a huge number of advantages on your farm – in safety, comfort and efficiency.

Cutting open and removing plastic and net from bales – or from tube-wrapping – can be time-consuming and annoying, as you constantly need to leave your tractor, or need a second person to cut the bale open and then drag the plastic away. A bale slicer means this can be done by one person without having to leave the cab of the tractor.

Before cutting the bale open, the eight hooks on the slicer grab the film and net across the full width of thew bale, then hold it securely as the powerful blade slices through the bale. This is especially effective and take the pain out of the job when loading into feeder wagons or mixer wagons.

It also adds a level of worker safety, with no-one needing to get close to the slicer during the entire operation.

The hydraulics for the slicer are operated from the third service valve, with no extra valving required, making fitting of this attachment simple and trouble-free.

This is a great way of protecting yourself and your workers from cold and wet weather, and making your farming operation even more effective and efficient.

These Goweil loader attachments are proven in the field and are a great addition to any farm’s machinery line-up.