Three Ways To Increase Your Mixer Wagon Lifespan


Running a mixer wagon is a great way to increase production and consistency across your herd. You can get more feed into your cows, feed them no matter the weather conditions, and save you time and money in the long run.

To keep your operating costs as low as possible, your mixer wagon needs to be in top operating condition. This means your mixer wagon should be regularly serviced according to manufacturers recommendations, its knives kept sharp and replaced if lost or worn, and its auger flighting kept in shape, and of adequate thickness.

When your mixer wagon operates, in time it starts to wear out. Any part of the steel that is in contact with the fodder wears away, slowly or quickly depending on the fibre of your ration. Some ways to extend your mixer wagon lifetime is to reduce the auger RPM, maintain knife sharpness.

Servicing and knife sharpness is highly visible and easily controllable. Thickness and shape of your augers are a little more challenging to see as this happens over a long period. As an auger wears, it loses its sharp edge, and fodder will fall off the auger as it rotates rather than being pushed up to the top of the ration, and mixed properly. This means you have to run your mixer wagon for longer, therefore exacerbating the issue of wear

One very effective way of keeping your auger shape is to fit them with RAEX Hardline wear strips. The best time to install these wear strips is when the auger thickness is between 6-8mm, and before the edges become rounded. They are a very cost-effective way to increase the lifespan of your mixer wagon without the extra expense of installing entirely new augers.

Webbline can fit these wear strips to any vertical auger mixer wagon, providing that the augers aren’t beyond repair with cracking of the auger flights.

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