Telehandlers tick all the boxes for farm use

Telehandlers tick all the boxes for farm use

Everyone knows that if a neighbourhood farm has a new tractor or other flash piece of gear, they’ll find any excuse to drive or tow it through town to show it off. Hey, new machinery is cool, we can all agree!

But, as well as looking good, ideally that new piece of gear will also boost the farm or business’s profits by improving efficiency, lifting productivity, and reducing breakdown and maintenance costs.

Ticking all these boxes is a telehandler, and that’s why more and more New Zealand farm operations are adding them to their vehicle fleet.

Initial scepticism that the vehicles, which have a telescopic boom supporting a wide range of attachments, were really only for the big corporate farms has given way to wider acceptance. Ask a farmer who has one and they will probably tell you they couldn’t live without it.

Their versatility is what makes telehandlers so useful and so perfect for a farming operation. A telehandler’s versatility comes from the long list of attachments available. As well as a standard bucket or forks, these include yard scraper, post-hole borer, bucket grab and straw blower.

All these attachments are a proven product available “off the shelf”, which is increasingly important for complying with health and safety regulations. Switching from one to another is quick and easy – either with the touch of a button or by removing a single locking pin.

Telehandlers reduce a farm’s costs because of their efficiency and reliability, and also because their ability to “multi-task” means you don’t need to own and maintain a fleet of single-purpose vehicles.

They lift more, reach further and push harder than a tractor, and they can quickly load a mixer wagon or feedout trailer, then tow it to where it’s needed. You can also do more jobs yourself, such as mucking out a herd shelter, rather than bringing in a contractor or hiring specialist gear. And models with 4-wheel-drive can easily cope with farm tracks.

So a telehandler will make your farming operation more productive and efficient because of its strength and versatility, and by reducing breakdown and maintenance costs. It’s more than a flash new piece of gear, it’s a genuinely better option.

You owe it to yourself to find out more about how a telehandler can benefit your business.

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