SIP Silvercut Disc 900 C FCS

The SIP Silvercut Disc 900 C FCS triple mower is one of the range-leading machines in the SIP mower line-up.

With working widths up to 8.95m (dependant on the width of the front mower), the SIP Silvercut Disc 900 triple combination is suitable for larger farmers or contractors looking for high productivity, durability and performance.

The 900 series consists of a total of 16 cutting discs (eight per side), each fitted with a pair of knives and, like all mowers in the SIP Silvercut range, is fitted with the Disc Drive Safety System (DDSS), which helps prevent driveline damage in the event of an overload, or if the mower impacts a foreign object.

The DDSS is a series of four brass shear-pins that absorb the force and shear off, leaving the cutter bar, spindle shaft and mower disc intact, requiring an easy replacement to get the mower back into operation.

It is also fitted with the Collision Safety System (CSS) which provides double breakaway protection by allowing the mower to break away and move backwards and upwards over undetected obstacles in the paddock. It then automatically returns to its working position after the obstacle has been navigated.

Hydropneumatic suspension allows the cutter bar to accurately follow the contour of the ground for even and uninterrupted mowing, which gives a precise cut and clean, high-quality forage.

Hydraulic flotation allows for a consistent cutter bar weight over a wide range of vertical movement (up to 35° up and 15° down), while the hydraulic stabiliser reduces lateral movement of the cutter bar when mowing.

The FCS model is also fitted with metal finger conditioners, which are designed to improve and reduce drying time of the forage immediately after mowing, accelerating the loss of moisture. This is beneficial as it reduces the amount of time the forage lays on the surface of the paddock before it’s raked and baled, preserving nutrients and improving forage quality.

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