Quick Covers for load security

As maize harvest season starts to kick into gear, the importance of load security will come increasingly into

If you’re a contractor or larger farmer, there’s a good chance you’re going to regularly have trucks or
trailers on the road loaded with maize headed for a silage pit, but it’s important to keep other road users in mind….as well as the local authorities.

The loss of loose silage off the top of a truck or trailer can be frustrating for those travelling behind…and enforcement agencies take a dim view of it as well, but Webbline-supplied Quick Cover kits are a simple solution to the issue.

Quick Cover systems are available in variable widths and lengths from 5m-9m, so can be fitted to a
range of machinery, and the alloy construction is both sturdy and lightweight.

Remotely controlled electric activation and retraction makes it easy for a driver to roll the cover into
place, while the spring-loaded covering system ensures it remains secure during transit. When ready to roll the cover back, it’s again a simple remote process which allows the driver to remain in the cab, making the job quick, safe and effective.

Available now, Quick Cover kits come with a full set of assembly and installation instructions and are
straight-forward to fit.

For more details, contact Winston Smith on 021 220 1097.