‘Made in Europe’ gold standard for agricultural machinery

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There’s so much choice now in the agricultural machinery market that things can get a bit overwhelming. There’s new manufacturers, new brands, and always new bells and whistles touted as the latest must-have.

The one thing you really need from your agricultural machinery, though, is reliability. And when it comes to ticking that box, European-built machinery is simply better. That’s why the machinery Webbline sells to New Zealand farmers is imported straight from Europe.

European manufacturers have a long history of designing and building agricultural machinery that is reliable and gets the job done. It is also safe to use – European machinery and equipment comply with all international safety regulations, including New Zealand’s Health and Safety Act.

In this blog, we explain the benefits of European machinery and why you should be considering it for your next machinery purchase. 

Superior manufacturing

The difference begins at the design stage, with many European manufacturers bringing a century of experience to ensure their agricultural equipment does what it is meant to do, safely and reliably. Operator safety and comfort are a priority, as is increased productivity.

Then there is the focus on build quality, which means using only the best raw materials and components, such as steel produced from European mills and electronics sourced from proven suppliers. Webbline partners with only the best European manufacturers, meaning their customers get the benefits of this long tradition of quality.

Constant improvement

Healthy competition within the agricultural machinery market means European manufacturers are always hard at work finding ways to make their machines more productive, more reliable, and easier and safer to use. Operator comfort and safety are increasing priorities, alongside developing options and features that can tailor a machine to a particular task. This means buyers can get the right tool for the job, rather than something that doesn’t quite fit their needs.

Stress-free partnerships

Webbline makes it easy for New Zealand farmers to own and operate European-brand agricultural machinery by being a one-stop shop for advice, spare parts and service support. Working with Webbline, product inquiries are answered quickly and accurately as opposed to dealing with the European manufacturers directly, which can take longer to get answers. Technicians are fully factory-trained, and as a direct importer Webbline holds a comprehensive parts inventory. Our sales team has many years of experience, meaning staff can confidently assess your machinery needs.

To take a look at the machinery Webbline stock, click here.

With agricultural machinery – as with so many other things – you get what you pay for. And what you really need from agricultural machinery is reliability, so you are not losing production time to breakdowns and waiting on parts.

European traditions of quality and good design are built into all the brands Webbline supplies to New Zealand farmers, which is why you should talk to Webbline about your next machinery purchase.

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