Dieci Pegasus Telehandler

Dieci Pegasus Telehandler

The Pegasus rotating telehandler marks a new machine in the New Zealand range of Dieci products, imported and distributed here by Webbline Agriculture.

Able to be fitted with a wide variety of accessories, the Pegasus can be used for a broad range of jobs, allowing it to work as a telehandler, an aerial platform or a crane with lifting capacities from 3,800kg to 6,000kg and lifting heights from 15.7m to 30m.

The first of these Dieci rotating telehandlers is due to land in New Zealand in the next few weeks and Webbline’s product manager for Dieci, Tim Currie, says the new machine will significantly expand the Dieci telehandler footprint here.

“As a rotating telehandler, the Dieci Pegasus offers a vast range of options for large construction, civil engineering, logistics and material handling operations,” he says. “The brand has already proven itself in New Zealand with its market-leading, operator-friendly functions and world-class componentry, and the Pegasus continues that trend, making it highly attractive and appealing to the New Zealand market.”

Motive power comes from a Tier -compliant FPT engine, which can be offered as a Tier 4 compliant variant as an option. The Pegasus offers ease of use, robustness, reliability and a complete range of safety features, including a load-limiting device and advanced instrumentation to ensure complete control of the vehicle, relevant to force, load, ground conditions and speed.

Fitted with an automatic levelling function on the outriggers, and an electronic control system (made with CAN-bus technology) the Pegasus can be operated in a wide variety of situations.  By evaluating the footprint base, the position of the outriggers and the load weight, the system measures the best working and safety parameters in real time by means of a thorough diagnostic analysis, allowing total control.
The equipment also includes the new Load Sensing / Flow Sharing hydraulic distributor and a new rotary joint with integrated rotation sensor.
The capacitive joystick with deadman sensor, accurate and sensitive, allows the turret rotation speed regulation/reduction.
The automatic reversal system of the controls makes it possible to travel with 180° rotated turret, to easily move inside narrow working areas.
The “Ecowork” system combined with the joystick allows increased fuel savings, drawing power to the diesel engine only when required.
The already excellent cab comfort features (ROPS-FOPS approved and equipped with all safety devices and air conditioning) are further improved by the adoption of a new Smart Navigation system for controlling the main electronic functions of the vehicle: driving modes, minimum RPM control, forward speed and diagnostics.

“Webbline’s partnership with Dieci is going from strength to strength, and the arrival of this rotating telehandler marks a new chapter in that programme,” Currie says. “In addition to the Pegasus, we also intend to increase our Dieci telehandler offering with the imminent arrival of the heavy-duty Hercules model – the largest lifting capacity in the Dieci range – in the near future.”

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