Deici Telehandler Product Launch

Why your farming operation needs a telehandler

Webbline Agriculture are pleased to announce the acquisition of Dieci Telehandlers as exclusive importers and distributors for New Zealand. Dieci, founded in 1962, designed and built Europe’s first Telehandler back in 1983.

Fast forward from 1983, Dieci have been continually improving designs and performance to where today they offer over 130 different models for Agricultural and Industrial applications from 2.5 ton up to 21 ton machines produced in a state of the art factory in Italy, now exporting to over 80 different countries. 

Dieci through constant product investment stands as one of world leaders in Telehandlers with their advancements in innovation and technology with some outstanding features like Vario transmission, this places Dieci at the top of their respective categories and offers customers machines that represent an investment in productivity and reliability. Dieci Telehandlers give the operator absolute comfort and the ability to make precise movements and are the only Telehandler manufacturer to offer 3 transmission options. The first is the ‘Vario Transmission’. 

This enables you to choose between four work modes and allows you to work at the best speed to power ratio under any operating condition. The Vario Transmission is an exclusive option to Dieci Telehandlers and is popular for contractors. The second transmission is the Power Shift, which gives you the option to run with either a manual or automatic gearbox. Power Shift gives you six forward speeds and three in reverse, along with an inching pedal to ensure maximum power at all operating levels.

Deici Telehandler Product Launch

The third is hydrostatic transmission, combined with the right work mode, enables the operator to make precise manoeuvers with ease and achieve better stacking. The four-in-one joystick enables intricate control of the telehandler. The high efficiency steering system transmits a ‘light’ driving sensation. It enables you to work in a tight turning radius, which Dieci says is the narrowest in its category. Dieci’s ingenious oscillation system at the front of the boom is designed to increase the operation angle, which is particularly important when unloading the bucket with the boom raised. 

An optional pneumatic suspension system for the boom gives a dramatic reduction in the vibrations the operator feels when driving on irregular and uneven surfaces. The inside of the cab has been designed specifically with the operator in mind. For comfort and safety standard features of the cab include soundproofing, adjustable steering wheel height and depth, electric windows, storage compartments, air conditioning, a stereo and an ergonomic seat.

All Dieci telehandlers are fitted with a load limiting device that analyses the stability of the machine. Should a pre-set limit be reached, it automatically stops all compromising movements. The joystick also comes with a capacitive dead man sensor and seat sensor that prevent accidental manoeuvers. 

Deici Telehandler Product Launch

Dieci has more than half a century of experience in manufac­turing high quality telehandlers. Its programme of continuous development allows them to achieve the ideal machine to meet every need.

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