BvL Mixer Wagon

The recent delivery of a BvL mixer Wagon to one of our customers was an exercise in efficiency that has already started to pay off.

The 34m3 triple auger wagon replaced a 27m3 version of the BvL that had given years of great service and, with a herd of more than 1200, made practical sense in order to reduce the number of loads required when feeding out.

In order to meet our customer’s needs, the larger BvL also underwent some considerable modifications in the Webbline Agriculture workshop. Originally fitted with a front and rear elevator on the right-hand side of the machine, the big 34m3 machine was required to have the rear elevator removed and a second front elevator installed so it was able to feed out on both sides.

Our talented team of workshop technicians went to work removing the rear elevator and replacing the sidewalls before installing the new one at the front, along with the necessary modifications to make it all work effectively. The result looks like it rolled straight out of the factory.

View video at the link below: