BvL Block Cutters

BvL Block Cutters

Maintaining quality of your silage is a major factor when it comes to feeding out to your cows.

Silage that is starting to spoil – even only slightly – can have a detrimental effect on the quality and quantity of milk they produce, and that’s going to have an effect on your bottom line.

When removing silage from the stack for feeding, oxygen penetrating the interior of the silage may lead to secondary fermentation, causing the silage to heat up. The results of this process are energy loss in the form of heat dissipation. This burns sugars, reduces feed quality and results in an end product that isn’t as appealing or digestible for your animals.

If the silage is cut smoothly, the silage will preserve its storage density and remain sealed and BvL block cutters help to reduce spoilage by sealing the stack as it cuts, preserving the silage by preventing excess oxygen penetrating through the firm cutting surface and reducing possible reheating of the silage.

The BvL series of block cutters work by simply driving the forks into the stack, then using the machine’s double-blade cutting system to cuts vertically down to the forks, sealing the stack as it cuts. The system allows an entire block of silage to be removed and tipped into a feed-out wagon. The design of the cutter also allows a large amount of silage to be removed from the stack each time, improving efficiencies by reducing time spent going back and forth to the stack.

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