BvL Black marks 10 Year milestone

It’s been a full ten years since Webbline Agriculture imported its first BvL mixer wagons into New Zealand, and that’s something we couldn’t let pass by unnoticed.

To celebrate the ten-year mark, Webbline and BvL have worked together to build ten very special mixer wagons, resplendent in black paint and adorned with a specially-designed logo.

“We’re really proud of the reputation BvL has here,” says Webbline’s BvL product manager, Jethro Boakes.

“New Zealand farmers are intelligent, product-savvy and know what a difference high-quality machinery can make to their business.

Over the past decade, BvL has forged a reputation of strength, durability, performance and efficiency in New Zealand, and BvL Mixer Wagons have rightfully earned themselves the position as the best on the market – a factor not lost on Kiwi farmers.

That success has been reinforced by the three main pillars that make BvL machines perfect for a farming operation:

  • Build quality – High quality German engineering ensures BvL is as robust and durable as possible, making for a longer lasting mixer wagon
  • Mix quality – Innovative design combined with effective vertical augers make for an efficient mix cycle, better feed quality and more productive cows.
  • Back-up service – Webbline’s follow-up service is renowned as some of the best in the field, whether it’s routine service or a late-night callout to get you back on track and back to work.

“Those who have used BvL mixer wagons in the past keep coming back, while those who are new to the brand wonder why they weren’t using them before,” Jethro says.

“They really are the best available, and, with ten years of history behind us in the local market, it seemed fitting to do something special.”

The new mixers are starting to arrive in New Zealand and will soon be out to work on Kiwi farms.

For more information on BvL Mixer Wagons, contact Jethro Boakes (South Island) on 021 513 368, or Gerry Clare (North Island) on 021 245 4471.

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