Buckets add versatility to farm equipment

Buckets add versatility to farm equipment

Telehandlers and/or tractors are a staple part of your farm equipment and make life easier, more effective and more efficient, whether you’re a farm owner or a contractor.

The range of attachments available for your machine of choice is quite vast and cater to a wide variety of different, whether you’re moving bales or loading silage into a mixer wagon.

Buckets are one of the most common – and versatile – attachments available, and Webbline has a number of different models and brands available to cater for a wide variety of tasks under its XL Attachments brand from standard buckets in a range of different capacities, through to grapple buckets and multi-purpose 4-in-1 buckets.

Standard buckets

In capacities ranging from 1.2 to a sizeable 2.85 cubic metres, these can be used to load grain, for construction purpose or as multipurpose buckets for a variety of different products. Available with a range of hitch options, these can be fitted to a number of different machines.

Grapple buckets

Distinguished by their rugged and robust construction, grapple buckets are a multipurpose tool that can be used for unloading silage and maize, and can pick up round and square bales, as well as all types of bulk material.

The XL grapple bucket range has a variety of hitch options for both tractor and telehandlers and is available in widths from 1.8m to 2.5m and capacities ranging from 1-2 cubic metres.

4-in-1 bucket

The 4-in-1 bucket can be used for a vast array of tasks due to its extreme versatility, including digging, bladework, pulling back and clamping up with the mouth.

It offers a number of advantages over a standard bucket, including:

  • Allowing the operator to open the bucket and release the material as required instead of having to dump the material;
  • Opening the bucket and using the exposed blades on the front and rear end of the bucket to be used for earthmoving jobs;
  • The clamp option of the jaws, which allows the bucket to be used for picking up items such as broken branches or other detritus.

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