Bergmann Muck Spreaders

Bergmann Muck Spreaders

Spreading manure over the surface of your paddocks is a great way of improving the fertility of your soil, leading to increased crop yields, improved harvests and, consequently, better returns further down the dairy delivery chain.

Bergmann manure spreaders have been successfully used worldwide for many years and have proven themselves in a wide variety of spreading applications.

With Bergmann’s state-of-the-art muck spreader units, high quality materials such as compost, organic sludge, lime and all types of livestock manure can be effectively and efficiently spread in a precise manner over large areas with minimal environmental impact.

As the New Zealand distributor of these high-quality machines, Webbline Agriculture can offer a complete range of Bergmann spreaders right up to 24-tonne carrying capacity.

Innovative chassis design, robust construction and safe drive technology provide for high performance. All components are subject to strict quality standards for maximum safety, reliability and durability, even under continuous operation. All elements are clearly arranged and carefully coordinated, down to the last detail, including a group of lubrication points mounted for easy access and quick maintenance.

Built with a tapered all-steel bin, Bergmann spreaders reduce the build-up of pressure inside the body, allowing for an even feed of the load through to the spreader unit.

The scraper floors are driven with high-strength chains on each side, ensuring an even power transmission and increased durability, providing peace of mind for the operator. The chains are also fitted with an automatic tensioning system, which allows them to be adjusted on the scraper floor, minimising maintenance issues as well as ensuring a smooth delivery of product to the beaters.

At the business end of the spreader, the horizontal beaters range between 1,300mm and 1,800mm depending on the model, while the rotating spreader discs (up to 1m in diameter) allow for an accurate, even spread of manure up to 25m, whether it’s dry shed cleanings or liquid effluent pond sludge. There is also an option of a vertical beater if required.

The Bergmann Low-bed TSW2140 spreader sits on a single axle fitted with 490/95R50 tyres to provide a large contact area, with low tyre pressures designed to help prevent soil damage and compaction.

The remainder of the range sits on a tandem axle (tridem as an option), with wide tyres to reduce pasture damage. Bergmann spreaders also be fitted with a steering axle – or forced steering system – for improved manoeuvrability and reduced tyre scrub.

Across the range, the drawbar height can be adjusted for every tractor, while spring elements built into the system provide better driving comfort and reduced shock transfer during towing.

A precision dosing wall height indicator is fitted as standard across the TSW range of Bergmann spreaders, while an optional central lubrication system provides a continuous flow of lubricant through the bearings, significantly reducing wear and maintenance.

Whenever particularly demanding spreading work is involved, Bergmann manure spreaders are the right choice. All spreaders can be equipped with different spreading units, depending on the materials to be spread and the methods of distribution. A variety of optional equipment and extras allow optimal adaptation to customer requirements.

Bergman spreaders are designed to offer high work performance and payload, maximum power for a generous effective spreading width and high operator comfort while lowering cost factors, reducing downtime through higher efficiency, excellent surface coverage and precision spreading.