Bergmann Loader Wagons – Shuttle Range

With a quartet of models available at the larger end of the load spectrum, Bergmann’s Shuttle series of loader wagons are aimed directly at large farmers and agricultural contractors.

The Shuttle range offers load capacities of 45.5 – 51m3, complimenting the Carex, Repex and Royal series of Bergmann wagons, which cover the smaller load options.

All four Shuttle models are mounted on a tridem chassis, with the two smaller models also available to be specced on a tandem axle chassis, all riding on hydraulic suspension. This provides 300mm of travel for the axles, which not only reduces ground pressure, wheel sink and pasture damage, but also improves driving performance, handling, stability and safety. An ‘forced’ steering option on the rear axle provides even more manoeuvrability.

To lift the crop, the Shuttle has a controlled pick-up at the front of the machine, with six rows of tines spaced at 55mm, which allows it to gather large rows cleanly and gently across the full 2270mm width before passing through the cutting unit, which has 53 knives able to cut the crop down to 34mm before going through the rotor.

The rotor, which is driven by a powerful planetary gearbox, has eight rows of helically-arranged tines and is 430mm narrower than the pick-up, so compresses the crop into the cargo area. Under medium compression, the 510K model trailer can pack almost 92m3 of silage crop into its 51m3 body.

A hydraulically-movable front wall is adjustable for optimum loading, but can also be moved during unloading to make the job quicker and more efficient. The top flap of the headwall can also be hydraulically dropped forward 90° for loading from a harvester, making it a true dual-purpose trailer.

The scraper floor is operated by four 14 x 50mm round steel chains, each rated at 25 tonne, which are deeply embedded in large chain wheels to reduce wear and tear, and improve durability. The chains themselves are easily readjusted if required, through a lubricated chain tensioner, and are driven by spur gearboxes on either side.

To further assist with unloading, the inner sides, and side walls in the front section, are smooth to reduce friction.

The Shuttle range comes with a range of optional equipment including additional lighting, a hydraulic weighing system, pressure sensors, a central lubrication system and a cargo space cover.

All Bergmann Shuttle loader wagon models are ISOBUS compatible with a selection of different operating modes possible.

For further information, contact Scott Malcolm (South Island) on 021 228 4590 or Winston Smith (North Island) on 021 220 1097.

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